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My Dutch born wife was the only one around here who knew the correct meaning of 'wherefore'.

Apparently, 'waarvoor' is the identical word in Dutch and is used more commonly - though not very commonly - in that language.

Karsten Selleri

And the Danish word 'hvorfor' – the h isn't pronounced – is the standard word for 'why', put together by the words 'hvor' (where) and 'for' (for). I love etymology.


"...distressing to when Juliet when she..."  ???


[this is good] And, of course, in german you have 'wofür' meaning 'why' and made of words 'wo' and 'für' meaning 'where' and 'for' respectively. 


In Swedish, the most commonly used word for ‘why’ is ‘varför,’ which translated bit-by-bit means ‘wherefore.’

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