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and if the democratic party would come out against all the fringe members in their troops,like huffington ,the naacp,the socialist party of america,the progressive movement,the black caucus, and on and on and on.then maybe the republican party would do the same....you people amaze me....is being a socialist slave really looking this good................

Sterling Ambivalence

And that for some reason you think that The Huffington Post (a news aggregator /blog network), or the NAACP (which actually only asked members of the tea-party movement to repudiate racists who operate under their name, like Mark Williams, and did NOT call the movement racist), the Congressional Black Caucus are the equivalent to your boogie men of the Socialist Party of America or "the progressive movement" (is that an official group, or are did you start running out of people and just started throwing out buzz words from the file of "Enemies to the cause"), much less the equivalent to people who are actual religious bigots ("Islam caused 9/11") and are trading under the name of The Republican Party as opposed to the The Huffington Post (who are not calling themselves "The Democrats Post") or the NAACP (who are not calling themselves the "National Association for the Advancement of Democrats"), or the Socialist (who actually think the Democratic Party is just as bad as the Republican Party), shows you are less serious than Glenn Beck in matters of politics.


WELL,just incase you are as blind to reality as you want me to believe,the huffington post is and wants to be more then just a blog,that she is on cnn every weekend,her blog is quoted on just about every liberal post and she clearly has a agenda,starting with the fact that she married a gay guy and waited until he died to to crank up her little page into the socialist claptrap it is today.that anything that goes against the socialist ideals is quikely marked as racist is insulting and degrading to you and me,that you seem to have no idea that the president or some chosen spokesmen called the head of the naacp and asked them to denounce the tea party is obvious to a 5 year old,for anyone with working grey matter to say otherwise is laughable.the naacp has made themselves a joke,the black panther party and anyone that does not denounce them as blatent racists are themselves racists and should be treated as such.glenn beck is a shill for fox news,murdoch and the neocons who would like all of america just that little bit to the left,it will not happenmuch like the people who stopped buying the wall street journel the second murdoch bought it,beck is shut out the second he starts saying that america should bend to the rabid left socialist,liberals,progressives,egaltarians,or whatever cute little name they are hiding behind today.theres just something about americans that will not allow themselves to be turned into the marxist herd of animals that you people daydream about.... 

Sterling Ambivalence

The Huffington Post is a person, now? Wow, science has truly advanced, giving a website sentience. Now, if you mean Arianna Huffington, I noticed that you left out some crucial biographical details. Details such as the gay guy she married was a Republican congressman, and that she was a conservative firebrand well into the 90s, publishing numerous right-wing books in what must be an incredibly convoluted plan to foist "socialist craptrap" to the masses and degenerating the people she helped to create.

As for the Tea Party, we can point to the comedy stylings of folks like Mark Williams who was "kicked out" and then brought back in to the graces of the tea party. Though watching Andrew Breitbart's stunt backfire on him so spectacularly was a small bright spot in a very stupid series of events.

The New Black Panther controversy is an especially fake controversy. The New Black Panther Party consisted of about eight people who were making fools of themselves in front of polling place in a majority black polling precinct! The George W. Bush Administration dropped the investigation into them when no evidence of intimidation was found, and don't tell me they weren't looking for any! The New Black Panther Party should be taken as serious as Homey the Clown.

Now, I have no clue what the rest of your post is about. You can't possibly believe the Neoconservatives of the world want the country to be more leftwing when they attack every Democrat as a budding Marxist, or that Rupert Murdoch bought the Wall Street Journal to turn it leftist, but has absolutely no control of Fox News or Glenn Beck. Now, if his goal was to make the WSJ more left, he's failing miserably on that front, too. They're as conservative as they've ever been and Media Matters still hates them for it.


the huffington post is a entity,and functions at the whim of arianna,that she played the trusted wife until after his death,then started the most left wing blog on the net says everything i need to know about her,williams is gone and will stay gone,that there are plenty of fake members in the tea party is true, that there are plenty of infiltrators hoping to take down the tea party from the inside is also true,i'm surprised arianna doesn't claim to be a member...the black panther investigation was stopped by holder and obama,the first chance holder had to prove how non-racist he intended to be and he dropped the ball,now most conservative blogs consider him to be a black racist and to be treated as such....murdoch and fox news are playing at being conservatives,and will never be trusted to  defend american conservatives,

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