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Well, I noticed something similar. In this post (http://daringfireball.net/linked/2011/03/29/honeycomb-app-count), Gruber links to an article by Justin Williams that claimed very very few apps for Honeycomb. There are many issues with that article, but the most important one is that there were in fact hundreds of apps designed for the tablet form factor in the Android market, at the time when the article was written.
So I shot up an email to Justin Williams, since he added a "contact me" link (specifically for making corrections to the list), and I thought he made an honest mistake. I listed a bunch of apps, and told him how to search (I think either "Honeycomb" or "tablet" did the trick) in order to find more. He added those that I mentioned, but no more. So I sent a second email, giving some more apps, to make a total of 21 ( Gruber's snark pissed me off, I wanted to at least make his comment technically incorrect). Justin refused one (apparently it didn't meet his criteria of being "tablet-specific" enough). So I shot up a third mail- "ok, one more humor me, I want the list to be longer than 20 items" (and I gave him at least one more app that would clearly pass his criteria - in fact I think I gave him more, just to be sure).
I didn't say why I want the list to have more than 20 items, but he probably guessed. I never heard from him again, and he didn't modify the list (in fact his list includes now 21 apps if you count them, so at a later time he did add one more link; but if you just read the article, and don't count the links, it still says "Based on my criteria, I found 20 apps").
Bear in mind, Gruber is not Apple. But even so, in the Appleverse, it seems that the people are afraid to upset the influencers. I guess Justin feared that Gruber would no longer send traffic his way? I can only speculate what happened, but it doesn't look good at all. So yeah, I totally believe Jason O'Grady.

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